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I have just had a very large Pyracantha removed from a fairly shady area and would like to fill up the space left with something that will be ok to look at in the winter.I appreciative the light now coming into my garden so don't want anything too tall. It doesn't have to be evergreen but perhaps have an interesting shape for the winter months. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!


Winter box - sarcoccocca humilis - evergreen and fragrant flowers in the winter. medium sized shrub.


Thank you hogweed, I will certainly consider sarcoccocca humilis. It seems that it is quite an accommodating plant and the flowers would be very welcome in the winter 😊


I have Osmanthus (burkwoodii ) which is evergreen and has small scented flowers in late winter/spring - it's mainly flowering in April here. It works well alongside Sarcococca if you have room for both. Easily pruned if it gets too big for the space too  


That sounds good Fairygirl, I will have to get to my nearest garden centre and look these plants up. The Pyracantha that was removed was huge and therefore there is a big gap to fill. Thank you for your suggestion. 😊


Papi Jo

I have both a sarcoccocca (confusa) and Osmanthus × burkwoodii in my garden. The sarcoccocca is fine in the shade and my Osmanthus × burkwoodii in full sun. I'm not so sure about growing the Osmanthus in full shade. The RHS description mentions "Full sun / Partial shade".

Be aware that both plants can grow quite tall if not pruned.


The area does get a little sunshine and it might be worth trying something like Osmanthus. Many plants seem to do alright further along in the border. Perhaps the biggest problem will be my soil which is sandy and dry.


My Osmanthus only gets a little sun in summer, and in the late afternoon only. 

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