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Hi can anybody identify this plant/ shrub.. it is growing in Australia and I’m told it’s a rhododendron 


you've been told wrong.

Thanks Silver Surfer and Hostafan for your help. I questioned that it was a rhododendron too as it didn’t fit the normal look of leaves or flowers. Any idea if this plant can be grown in UK? 


Papi Jo
Any idea if this plant can be grown in UK? 

 Not outside! 

Cestrum parqui (willow leaved jessamine) is one which is hardy - at least in the SW UK.  Tough as old boots IME - mine is still in flower now.  Very easy to do from cuttings - almost too easy in fact

Yellow flowers as opposed to the OP's white ones and scented altho not a fragrance I would particularly choose to have.

Certainly hardy for me in in Somerset - can't vouch for S Wales.  As with most plants which border on hardy, it usually depends on how/where it is grown and conditions can obviously vary from one garden to another even in the same area.

What does well for one doesn't necessarily do well for another so "not very hardy" doesn't tell the full story and isn't particularly a helpful term.

Burncoose is in Cornwall - stands to reason anyone buying from that area will think twice as to whether some of their plants will do well in a more northerly location.

Thanks everyone for all your help , maybe I’ll get one next year and put it in greenhouse for winter. Xx

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