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 My first post hope somebody can help. I have this growing in a pot about 2 feet tall and I thought it was from a fruit pip or stone my daughters planted a few years ago. This is the first year it has had these pink 'pods' first noticed them about 2 weeks ago (end August) Thank you

Hi there pls1967.

Could it be a spindle tree I wonder?

Yes it looks like a spindle, and the way the leaves are colouring is typical

If it's a Red Cascade or similar you have a very nice small tree growing there (they usually cost around £20 to buy).  The fruits will split open to reveal an orange centre and are beautiful, but are not edible by the way.


Euonymus europaeus. There are a lot of forms of this on sale.


Thank you for the replies  I've had a look at the link, can't wait for the fruits to open. Don't recall buying it but I tend to dig up and pot anything that is growing if I haven't planted it and don't know what it is.Wonder where it came from! Thank again.

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