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Any chance you can put it on in photo form direct, i cant get that link without signing up.


I can't see it eiher

Sorry can you tell me how to upload a picture onto my thread?


Start with the little tree along the top bar above where you type and it should be clear(ish) from there.



OK I have just discovered how to.


It looks like one of those supposedly dwarf conifers that aren't.


If you cut into brown wood it will probably not resprout. It looks like it has outgrown its position. Think of it as an opportunity for something new.


Its already got brown bits on it that won't regrow. I'd rip it out.

Thanks everyone,the brown leaves come every year and drop off and the bush keeps growing wider.


It looks like a dog or cat has been spraying it, and that is why the lower leaves are turning brown and dying.


Could be cats F my neighbour at the bottom of the garden has an house full and there always wandering around.

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