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Hi everyone you have all been so helpful to me, can anyone identify the attached plant for me.  it is growing around a rose bush and comes up every year.  this plant is at a friends garden and we have no idea what it is.


It looks like a semperviven (house leek)

Hi everyone I am going down tonight so I will have look, also I will ask her what the flower looks like. I have had a look at various pictures on Google, it looks similar but the leaves are tightly packed, and these seem to splay out wards.


I dont know what it is ,but it is not a Sempervivum as their rosettes are evergreen.

Sempervivum for certain...........puncdoc is right........they are evergreen but  if the area is overgrown, the rosettes can easily  be covered by other plants or eaten down by slugs/snails and then new rosettes  "seem" to pop up every year.


I visited my friend and she informed me it has never flowered, only that the end of the leaves turn to a pinky purple in late summer. Hope this is helpful

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