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I'm not Paxman but I've got a few questions pretty please...

Some random ones that I'd love to get advice on..

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Hello - whilst pottering, I've been bottling up some questions.  Any help or advice is very much appreciated!

1) I bought a lovely Pulminaria (sorry if spelt incorrectly) - can i split is to make more plants?

2) I've grown some new strawberry plants from runners.  Grem them in pots in the greenhouse.  Should I plant them out now or leave them in pots until next spring?

3) Are geums part of the same plant family as cranesbill geraniums?  The leaves look very similar.

4) I took some cuttings of cat nip in small pots in the greenhouse and they have taken.  Will they die down (like mine does in the garden) in the pots and then come up again in spring?

5) Does cutting the flowers off Pieris (again sorry for the spelling!) really make the plant produce more red leaves or is it a myth?

6) Soooo many weeds in our lawn this year!  My other half reckons it's because he cut the grass too short too early - any merit in his theory? 

7) Will bellis last through winter?

8) Why have my cylamen gone mouldy really quickly?  Too much water?

Thank you please!!!!


1. yes(after flowering). 2. keep in greenhouseuntil spring.

3. No 4. yes  5. ask verdun. 6 yes. 7. yes. 8 yes.


1. Yes


4, depends if the GH is heated

6. very likely, if you expose soil weeds move in

7.. Bellis are daisies, what sort  have you got?

8. Indoor cyclamen or outdoor?



I thought "oooh goody, it's like a quiz", but Fidgetbones has given all the answers I would have given.


Thanks fidgetbones.  

Errrmm pink and white bellis nutcutlet - sorry I don't know the name.  They look lovely but have gone very leggy very quickly.  Outdoor cyclamen - within four days of planting in a pot it went all mouldy and black.....



Hee heee busy-lizzie.  Here's a quiz question I got right a few weeks ago....what was Boss Hog's dog called in the Dukes od Hazard??


I should cut back the leggy bits on the bellis and see how they go. 

Outdoor cyclamen don't like to be wet but four days is a bit quick for dying


Thanks nutcutlet. 

Strawberry plants are really hardy. You can still plant out strawberries now as there will be enough heat in the soil for them to root before the onset of winter, alternatively you could plant some up in a trough and over winter these in the GH for an early crop of forced strawberries in the spring. You might be taking a chance as they are new runners and get a low crop though but if you have alot of plants, nothing ventured nothing gained.



Thanks Zoomer.  I'll give that a go.  Had a fab crop of strawberry's this year; most didn't make it to the kitchen though!


bellis daisies are usually grown as biennials for bedding. if they have already flowered this year, I would chuck them.  if they are new plants from seed this year, grow them cool and hard. leggy plants sound like insufficient light.


That's right, Boss Hogg didn't have a dog, but Rosco Coltrane owned Flash.


Is there anyone sreious ANYWHERE on these forums? Hope not, it's the most fun I've ever had looking up stuff. You get your answers and a laugh too!

With those names, which one WAS the dog? Mum never let me stay up to watch that!

Sorry, Tootles, where was I?, Oh, Yes I can answer 2 and 5.

2, I have potted some runners and put in GH, some into beds, and some into pots outside. Also will bring in some that were potted last yr for early fruit nxt yr. Nothing lost, as Zoomer says, and a bit of cold does 'em good, as our Scottish Strawbs show.

5, Pieris is tough as ould boots, too. Any pruning at all will produce lovely new red leaves, but don't do it too close to bad frost time. In my experience, it willput out young growth at nearly any time of yr, but the young soft leaves can scorch with frost.  I have one that has been moved from pillar to post at all times of the yr, and has lived in pots sometimes, and is still doing as well as my more established ones. And cutting off spent flowers is a good general rule for any plant.

Hope I was of some use in my giddy mood! Just been on the joke threads. They're really terrible, you must have a look!

Love this idea of a thread, will get ny notebook out over next few days and list all those questions I forget to ask. Sorry spent ages trying to think of a funny quiz question and failed, promise to add some to my list. X

Didn't remember the dog I'm afraid -   that's because I'm too young of course...

I never had a greenhouse and always kept new strawb runners outside- albeit against a sheltered wall here in the windy west of Scotland!

Pieris- re the colour - think that may be a myth!

 Grass struggles if it's cut very short so it gives the weeds a chance to get their feet in the door and take over. Give it a chance early on by cutting it a little higher and feeding it. When the weather warms up you can cut it shorter . 

Would agree with fidget on the other queries. 



The new growth on Pieris is pink - therefore cutting back produces more new shoots = more pink - QED 



But just cutting the flowers off?


Well, if you dead-head roses you get more sideshoots - wouldn't Pieris do the same? 

Hi Tootles,

Hope you don't mind me hopping on your patch to ask a few questions too!

I have honeysuckle growing up the front of the house - it's still in flower and I

don't want to cut it back too soon, but it's covering half of one of my windows -

any suggestions would be most welcome.  Also how hard can you actally cut

honesuckle back without harming it?


All you can do is rie in the growth you don't want on the window. You can cut Honeysuckle back as hard as you want. We have had to do one of ours back to 6 inches from the ground and it is now back up to 30 feet again, in a season!