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My dog loves the garden but my biggest issue is inky would rather run on my plants and Pee there than on the lawn. I have had to put sticks and wire up at about a foot and a foot and a half tall to keep her off. But at every opportunity she will hop over the wall and in to the garden rather than the lawn!!!
Been lucky with my golden lab...Spke. He's now 10 but always he kept to paths, always does his business ."up the top" and never does any damage. The most gentle peaceable dog in the world. Mind you he does pinch my runner beans...when I'm picking on one side he's "picking" on the other. Gotta laugh.
mines half patterdale half lab and she has a book of issues. Only dog I ever know that has been so bad!!! But in some ways you can't fault her, top tip never let your OH buy an only pup where you can't meet both parents. But he said she was cute and he couldn't leave her!!!!

It's the Patterdale in her - tough little tykes - the inlaws had a half Patterdale half Border terrier - convinced it was his mission in life to challenge every other dog to a duel 

She is fear aggressive and doesn't like strangers, being touched or new dogs unless I have introduced them through work not letting them intro themselves. She doesn't like cuddles or being petted and will sound v v aggressive if strangers try, then shoots off and cowers. Hundreds on vets trainers etc and nothing has worked, they all say its in her!!


Heck, red dahlia, I won't try and pinch your plants then. Ha ha
Yup you may have a black dog barking at you but desperately seeking attention. I'm jealous of monty d's Nigel, perfect dog!!!! We can't have everything tho!!!

Just searching through my seed box. Quite sad really as I just want to sow more but worried its either too early for French beans, sugar snap peas, courgette

But also no sowing room or garden room for dahlia, bishop of L dahlias, coreopsis, a cornflower type, scabious, liatris and verbena! Sad, I want more space but do I need to sow more!!! Do I need help, I rushed in from work today into the nursery (conservatory) just to see what was up!!!!
Red dahlia my lab follows just like Montys dog does....same temperament.
Too early for French beans but not sugar snap peas
I will sow runner beans n french beans in next week or so but it's mild here. I sow in trays to germinate then into boxes in the greenhouse and then outside
Remind me how much space do you have?
you have masses of colour to come from your sowings
Space. Well a 9x8 ft raised bed. 3 boarders currently 1 foot deep by about 25ft. That's the back. Then a 12foot boarder at front house. A small circular bed abs a tiny corner boader. Have a look at the post I did about raised beds there are pictures on there. Will look up the post title. Pretty pathetic amount of space to be honest.

Now I'm jealous everyone has a gorgeous dog except me. She follows me everywhere but I have to ignore her, if I try to give her love she growls and cowers then shoots off!!!
Only one picture left that's on a Hosta post. One before borders with hostas in foreground and another that you can just see the garden. I could post links on twitter but u can't put pictures on as I'm an iPhone user -rely on PC users who know how to get them for me!!!!
Posted new post in garden design called my garden pictures. Hope you can see them

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