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hollie hock

Dovefromabove, I got mine from seedaholic via ebay. I was very impressed with the cost, their speed of delivery, information & most importantly how well the seeds germinated. Like I said I didn't even read the sowing instructions and they still came up. I've got loads of them- the white variety. Good luck with yours. Brilliant advice about the seeds too.

When would be the best time to plant them out?

Robot- I thought I could tell he was a brilliant dog. The rescues & strays are always the best, so loyal and great friends. Sounds like you found each other


In the past I've just waited until the seed cases are brown and beginnning to open, then I cut the stalk off and take it to where I want them to grow and shake vigorously.  In the spring there'll be lots of little plants and when they're big enough to handle I thin them out and transplant as necessary.  

Sadly that was some years ago and having left that house at the wrong time of year I couldn't bring any with me - there followed several years of having only a shady courtyard garden until now - that's why I'm so keen to get some established again.  


It is a new plant for me and one which I hope I can keep going around the garden.  I'm keeping an eye on the seed pods and hubs is instructed to forget about his cementing until the pods are ready.  I'm sure I can find him something more meaningful and interesting to do

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