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I was given a large sage plant as a gift because my own attempt at growing sage was a bit of an embarrassment.

The previous owner had just left it at the back door with little to no care and it had thrived. We've had three days of sweltering heat here and I've just been outside to find it looking like it's wilting. I was under the impression that sage is fairly drought tolerant, but my parsley and oregano that are right next to it seem to be doing fine. I've just watered it now and put it in the shade.

Here's some photos.


Yes it's very dehydrated. Sage is very tolerant of dry conditions, but must have some water.

You're right to give it a soak and let it recover in the shade - it'll be fine


A rough rule of thumb is that the bigger the surface area of the leaves the more quickly the plant will lose moisture in heat and bright sunlight 

It's not always true but it's worth bearing in mind.  

Did you check for aphids? My sage is absolutely heaving with them, I never thought they'd go for something like sage 

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