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I know it's been mild but I found this in the garden at the weekend. A poppy head, left for decoration, has sprouted hundreds of seedlings.




I've heard of that happening but never seen it before. There are a lot of babies there.


Impressed, never seen that happen before. Are you going to do something with them?


Never seen this before, very similar to leeks producing 'grass'


I think its this weird weather. wet and mild. I have teasels doing the same thing.  The sweet peas were germinating in the pods. I planted them and now they are 2 inch high.

It's actually gone in the green bin. I assumed that they wouldn't transplant at this time of the year and I still have half a packet of seeds left which I will start off in February. It was supposed to be black but was in fact deep purple.


I suspect some will have dropped to the ground and will perform for you next year.



I can remember on the farm, in some very wet years,fields with the ears of wheat germinating on the stalk - a crop and a whole year's work ruined 

How strange, I've never heard of this happening before.


I had never heard of it either. I was in Cuba a few years back, travelling by train and saw fence posts sprouting with new leaves as the growing conditions are so good there.

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