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Im pretty sure there is already a thread about these plants somewhere but I have just spent a few hourse digging up pink anenomes from my garden.  The flowers are beautiful but I cant seem to control them in my garden.  I dont for a moment think I have seen the last of them but would be grateful for advice on how best to control them.  Failing that I will be hitting some sort of systematic week killer as they are becoming a real problem.  The white one I have doesnt seem such a thug.


You coud dig a trench around what you want to keep and put plastic sheeting down to stop the roots travelling.

Alina W

A good idea from Lyn.

I cut down into the ground a few inches beyond the plant with a spade to its full length every few weeks - that means that any new runners are easy to remove if they've managed to escape.

Otherwise, a deep bottomless tub buried level with he ground's surface also works.


Well, weed killer does not, that's for sure. Just discovered a new set of growth on one which has been treated with Glyphosate for the last 5 years. Must have had a gallon of the undiluted stuff on it in that time.

flowering rose

I planted mine in  a  pot and it has not escaped (yet) in fact  it seems to controlled .


I have eradicated anemone jap ...I thnk.  Aagree though that it is a survivor and hard to kill.

Digging, if,possible.....viz.,in soil with no other plants a solition.  Like bindweed, get every piece.

I think it will escape any barrier....either going deep or over the top where you domt see it.

I would not grow jap anemones though.  I grow a hybrid, wild swan, which is infinitely better, lomger flowering, well behaved and has a bonus of a blue reverse on the petals 


Guess Ill just have to keep digging the bits up.  Has anyone had any problem with the white one or is it just the pink.


One other thing does it have deep roots.

Honorine jobert, a white, is what I used to grow.  I think it may be less vigorous than pink ones, I don't know, but both are determined. 

I would dig deep amd thoroughly but concentrate first on the plant itself getting as much of that as possible.  Actually you may find many will be surface roots that. when soil is loose, can be gently pulled up.


My Mum loves these plants, she keeps offering us far we've resisted, I can't stand them.


They are taking over every corner of her garden, they are everywhere & her garden is about 1/4 acre

She offers them to anyone who visits her!!


She's 85 and if they accept her offer, they have to dig them out 


Most of hers are white although I think that a fair few started out pink.

Alina W

I find that the white one is just as much of a spreader once it's established.


I don't know if soil conditions have an effect Yvie. I didn't find Honorine jobert  a problem but I had them on clay - often very wet - so perhaps that helped too. They seeded, but I just pulled up the ones I didn't want.


I think Im going to get rid of the white as well.  There are many other plants I can grow that wont cause as much trouble.


One variety I have had for many years is Anemone hupehensis 'Prinz Heinrich' and it has not increased at all - just stays the same size, produces flowers and that is it, so no trouble at all.  I wish it would get thuggish as it has lovely deep pink flowers.

Ah!  That's interesting Forester.  

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