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Hi all

I grew some chilli plants from seed this spring/summer, and even now they still have not produced any chillis, plenty of flowers, which will mean loads of chillis, but as we go from summer to autumn, I worry that it is turning too cold.

My question is can I dig up my plants put them into smaller pots and bring them inside my greenhouse to overwinter them?  then put them back out next year?


I've never had such a problem, but apart from the plants there's nothing to loose, so have a go.

If it were me, I have to say I'd not bother and start from seed again next year.

By the sound of it you have yours in the ground in the garden. I grow mine either in the g/house or in a pot snuggled up against a south facing wall. Chili need lots of warmth.

The best crop I get is from a chili called Superchili - a Thai style chili and even a small plant produces 100+ fruits.


Agree with Pete about growing them in pots.  In the UK, it is rarely warm enough for long enough for the plants to crop outside.  Pots also warm up faster and are easy to move to somewhere warmer when necessary.  I grow mine in a cold greenhouse and in an unheated conservatory often putting them outside in sunny weather.  I overwintered several plants (both chillies and sweet peppers) in the conservatory last year and they are far ahead of my seed-sown ones which are only just starting to ripen;  I've been eating the overwintered ones for a couple of months.  We did have an extremely mild winter though which helped the overwintering.  In other years I've lost half or more of them in the conservatory.

These were sown in Feb (pic taken end of July):

These were overwintered (pic taken same time as above):

Both in the conservatory.


Superchili in a pot on my patio - 


Superb, Pete - I'll definitely be trying that variety next year!  Where did you get the seeds from?



The above pic was taken 2014 and I've sill got masses in the freezer!
I'll grow again next year for a top-up

They're widely available - I got mine from T&M - Super Chili 
Even if you don't like chili, it's a lovely compact plant and looks great as a plant in its own right

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