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has anyone bought any lavenders from ? about to buy a handful and they seem to be cheap. £11 for x 5 hidcotes, plus there's a 17% code to use so they cost £9.11. 


It depends on how big the lavenders are. If they are no bigger than 2 inch plugs, many garden centres will have small plants of hidcote at less than that.

Funnily enough I had been looking at that website for Miss Katherine lavender which is pink.  Saw it at Chelsea last year.  Will follow this post to see people's thoughts on them.


Have just ordered some of the pot luck perennials and some Miss Katherine lavender on your recommendations, Peanuts3 (my 7 year old is rather partial to pink so this should go down well with her!!).

Using the discount code it cost £10.11 with free postage - will update on here once they arrive...

I've used Lavender World before it was around August last year and they were doing a really good deal of 10, ex 9cm pots for £10! A Bargain! Was so pleased when they came in the post. The reason why they were so cheap were because they weren't good enough to sell at full price, but when they arrived most looked better than the ones at my local GC 


For me the fancy red, pink, even white varieties do not do very well.  Their hardyness even here is suspect.  

Local nurseries here sell lavendars at rock bottom prices in spring......sure this happens elsewhere too. The advantage is that then they are raring to grow and the comditions are better.  

thanks for the feedback everyone, i ordered 5x hidcote looks like they'll be delivered within april sometime, perfect for giving me some time to prepare the area they will be going in.

Edd wrote (see)

Smiffy G. I did not recommend them! I just thought it sounded like a genuine fun bargain. Do let us know how you get on, please.  ( with pics of course)

Sorry Edd, didn't mean you'd recommended them, I was referring to Peanuts3 for the pink Lavender.  Fingers crossed they are ok, will try and get round to pics! (And may need help determining what they are!!)

Which are the most hardy (north east coast) are the main requirements full sun and good drainage, usually see them in the garden centers but unsure as to whether they would survive. Cheers


Really good company selling good quality plants at fair prices.I have bought from them and have been well satisfyed



My parcel arrived yesterday - well packaged and plants look good and healthy to me.

If anyone is able to shed any light on what my "lucky" dip perennials might be then that would be much appreciated!!


Thanks Edd, I will post another pic once the plants are a bit bigger!

Hi, did you get your lavender? What was the quality like? I'm thinking of ordering 40 plants from them (I need them all the same to line a path, and local garden centre expensive and doesn't have enough the same size).

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