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I planted this shrub last year and it has put on a lot of leaf but it had very few flowers.

I thought it was deciduous, but it is still in full leaf and has a few flowers. 

Is this correct? I understand it needs pruning in spring, how drastically do I do this?,

Does it matter that it is still in leaf?

It seems very healthy apart from only very few flowers

Gary Hobson

I have some Lavaterae (a different variety) and they all have plenty of green leaves on them. A very small of leaves, at the extremities are withering.

We haven't had any really hard frosts yet.

Cut back hard in spring when frosts have gone. Otherwise they will grow very tall and thin and rock in the ground. They are short loved so take cuttings. I love,their smaller cousins, Malva which are herbaceous.

I grow malva as well. I have  alovely white one. which was growing on some derelict ground so i collected the seeds.

I did expect this to have more flowers


Bjay, it may already be showing some signs of new growth lower down on the stems. Later on in Spring- say March, if not freezing- that's where to prune.

Take cuttings in Summer, they root easily & keep fine over winter in a coldframe IME. J.


Gary Hobson

Mine tend to self-seed fairly readily too. If you look around you might find some more. Though seedlings from a named variety may not be identical to the parent.

They prefer hot and dry conditions, so last year was a poor year.


Thanks you 3

Will the cutting back in spring increase flower production


is this one of those tree mallows?

I always found them evergreen but wished they weren't. Never looked right to me in a winter garden, wrong colour and texture.  


They cut back hard and very well. It stop them getting too heavy and breaking. To get good flowering I reckon you need a proper summer as mentioned earlier.


Oh for a proper summer - a dream


yes they haven't been great for a few years but 2012 - words fail me


I bought wellingtons. Not had any for years.


Essential, thinking about some of those fishermans' waders. There are one or two places here that are over the wellies

hollie hock

I had this plant given to me last year, and I was wondering what to do with it. It flowered well last year, it still has leaves on it. The original owner said that it was easy to strike cuttings, so thanks for the information.

The white one sounds lovely

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