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My very first question on the forum.

I would like to know how to take cuttings from a rather large Lonicera fragrantissima, any help would be appreciated,

In the late winter months this plant provides much needed food for hungry insects not to mention a wonderful perfume, so I would like to provide a few more plants in the garden and if successful also use some for plant swapping. 


I would take semi-ripe cuttings, as shown here .

 Thank you for reminding me of this lovely shrub and it's usefulness to our valuable insects - another one to consider for my new garden - and congratulations on your first question   I hope my answer is helpful.


Thanks Dove, just checked out the site and will now make a start.

Fingers crossed for a nature boosting project.


Greetings Gerry.

What I like about that lonicera is the way the scent lingers in a sheltered corner even when the temperature is sub-zero.


Greetings to you nutcutlet.

Your comment is so true, my plant is a few feet (old school), from my bedroom window, a gentle breeze brings in the fragrance, a grateful reminder that the winter is on its way out.

Since moving out of a city some 4 years ago, I am always fascinated by the wide variety of bees and insects that populate my garden not to mention frogs, toads, newts, dragon flies, slow worms, shrews...... I feel privileged to be able to witness this variety of what nature can provides on my doorstep.  



Gerry it sounds as if you're in a lovely spot - I thi nk I should try lonicera frag. near one of our garden seats between the ash trees - just as soon as I've dug some of the old fir tree roots out and improved the soil a bit 


Not so much sitting about in the Lonicera frangrantissima season Dove.

I took about 8 hardwood cuttings from mine last autumn. I have one success so you'll probably have more Gerry. I'm the forum cuttings dunce


Nut, OH has been known to take his morning mug down to that bench under the trees on even the coldest of winter days, as long as the sun's shining  and there are some birds to watch 


I like to wander but not sit for long in winter Dove.


He's always well layered up with thermals 


Hardwood cuttings or suckers. I think l. Midwinter beauty is a cross between l. Fragrantissima and l. Standishii. 

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