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Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a shrub that I can grow against a south facing fence. The garden is quite small, but I have a number if shrubs down the length and am looking to fill a gap between two ceanothus plants. I am looking for something that will grow to a height of about 8', preferably native and attract wildlife. Any suggestions.
How about Physocarpus darts gold?

Or Pysocarpus Diablo. The purple leaves would look beautiful with the Blue flowers of the Ceanothus.

Hiya punkdoc
I,have Diablo but don't know if I really like it. It's more,brown than purple. Friends say they like it but I don't like it?


yes even brown looks good i saw some of it and it looks good..

Some interesting suggestions here, none of which I had thought of so thank you. And keep the suggestions coming.

Hi Verdun. I do like the Physocarpus but I think I prefer the colour of Sambucus or the dark leaved Hazels.

Buddleia will attract butterflies and will get to 8'.

Gooseberry can also get to 8' and will attract birds and give you a pie.

Salino's suggestion of Sambucus (Elder) gets my vote! I love the scent and making Elderflower cordial in May. You can use the berries to make things too. I've planted the purple type with the pink flowers so we can make Pink Elderflower Champagne! The flowers are amazing in strawberry jam too!
Punkdoc, yep I think I agree with you
If you like yellow elder Check out Sutherland Gold. The new shoots are coppery orange with bright yellow summer leaves. I think it's better than plumosa Aurea....I grow is supposed to be an improved version.

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