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Ah well, back to rain and quite chilly !!!!  Is it too late to propergate Lupins from some seed I had left from last year? Not necessarily to flower this year but could look after them until next spring to put out.


PS I haveDonne the same as always .....sown too many lettuce seeds and now have too many plants and no space left.  Am I the only dork who does that with seeds ?????


some people growlupins as biennials. sow i summer, flower next year. Go for it

your not the only one sowing too many seeds but you never know how many are going to come up do you. 

was wondering today what I'm going to do with at least 10 of those climbing dicentras and 10 Buddleia lorica.  Have seed, will sow. and lots of them germinate



I just seem to love the idea of a tiny seed coming into life (soppy old thing) and thinking ,,,cor I grew that . Thanks I will try the Lupins. Do you think they will do ok in a cold frame or should I give them some heat in the house?


they won't need heat but they will need protecting from slugs

I love a good seed sow and get really excited when the germinate

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