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I love my lupins and delphiniums in summer. Is there a better sight in June and July than fat lupin spikes and tall blue delphiniums? Last year I had 2 good crops delphiniums plus late flowers. But, delphiniums have to be blue....pale or dark but blue.....?

But aren't they absolute slug magnets? - as I've frequently boasted, we seemed to have very little slug problem in this new garden of ours - I might have to eat my words - last summer I bought a lovely dark blue delphinium plant which flowered well.  This week its little shoots began to peek through the soil and I surrounded it with a layer of very gritty sand to keep the little rascals away and all seemed well until the other day when I discovered that a little grey slug had climbed the stem of a nearby plant and weighed it down so that it formed a bridge over the grit and it could reach the delphinium and chomp its way through all the new shoots 

It's been firmly squidged and the gritty sand has been extended - but what's the betting it had friends .... 

Bunny ...
Sounds like it had a hit team Dove

I love delphinium but slugs massacre them , I'm going to have some in large got this year where I am going to set up various obstacles , booby traps and devices
Also Verdun I actually like a mix if colours together , I do like white also , lemon and blue together is soft as is all three together and various shades

I too like my lupins and plan more this year... Even though the slug team will descend
So far I've been lucky with delphiniums and never had a slug problem with them. I'm aware that the danger ,period is when new shoots appear but I have already put up "keep out" signs. Bunny, I like the white ones too but the blues, if good ones, are best for me. Lupins make such an impact.....the only,problem I have with them is if weather is stormy....rain and strong winds can damage the fat spires. However, a couple of short canes discreetly supporting the fattest spikes prevents this This year I am growing some veronicastrums hoping they will give me the "delphinium" effect later in the summer. Not grown these before so anyone have experience of them?
Bunny ...
@ keep out signs .. Don't think mine can read

My mum has a white veronicastrum , it's lovely . I too support lupin , have too as very windy at times here.



Maybe you should get a bouncer on the door bunny...


If you scatter wildlife friendly slug pellets around susceptible plants at regular intervals from St Valentine's Day you'll get the slugs as they emerge from hibernation or hatch from eggs as spring advances and they'll be dead before they've had time to chomp or breed.  

don't do blanket sprinkling.  Some slugs are essential for breaking down rotting matter but this way you get the perishers that eat your terasures.  


Have been trying for many, many years to grow both.  Every time I try again, they last one summer only. I have put it down to my heavy clay earth.  Any suggestions please.


I can't get lupins to grow either and am told they need light, well drained soil so i'm going to have one last go and will put them in a well drained bed behind a 2' retaining wall and see if that works.  


Oh well Obelixx, I will admit defeat.  Light isn't a problem, but well drained soil is non-existent.  Suppose I could try pots! Thanks for response.

My soil is full of clay but my Lupins have done great for the past couple of years. I grew them from seed and waited till they were quite big and really hardened off before I put them out though. I do get slugs just leke everyone else but to date...touch wood.....ive not lost a plant to them although they have a good chew. Ive actually just posted a pic of my lupins on another feed, such pretty plants


Yvonne has stolen my line. Ha ha. If you grow lupins to good size before plantIng out you will have more luck I think. I recently got few more lupins in 9 cm pots and have now twice potted them on. Currently they are in 1 litre pots but will still pot on into 2 litre pots and then plant in the garden prob about May. I do this with most of my,plants, viz! Plant them out from large pots and they then have the vigour and size to deal with the elements and flower profusely in early summer

I always cheat and buy mine at a decent size. Afraid I'm lazy and not into seeds.  GC's love me!  Will try pots and, thanks Brumbell, will remember the stakes!

Noticed my Lupins were coming back nicely yesterday, they are in pots though so maybe that keeps them a little more dry over winter.

Out of interest when is the best time to divide them?


I split mine after flowering....maybe July time. I do so because they become tatty in the garden and I dig most of the up to split and pot up. Not all splits take for me, prob 50/50, I replace with tender perennials like blue salvias. In autumn the potted lupins are ready again to plant into the garden

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