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hello, because we've had such a warm early summer, all my plants have flowered and are now setting seeds. I've cut down some stalks of my lupins and was wondering whether I could save the seed heads for next year ?

if so, how do I dry them because the pods are all furry at the moment.

thanks, shaz


Leave just one head on the plant until the pods are brown and dry. Then save and sow next spring for the following years flowering,

Heather Michaels

This is really helpful, I bought a half dead reduced price lupin at the garden centre earlier in the year and its flowered beautifully so I was hoping to get more from it for next year and wasn't sure what to do. Now I know!

Ooppps, I took 2 x off it yesterday but there's one still in flower.

can I dry the ones I chopped ???

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