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Thanks holly hock,  will give that a try.  Did try researching online but had now luck finding info on sowing lupin seeds so just took a gamble.  If it doesn't work out there's always next year!  


hollie hock

Hi Lorraine, there's always later on this year as well If you don't have any success now try again mid summer outside.

Watch out for the slugs and snails on the new shoots


Just to update on my lupin seeds (sown 1 April) - the ones outside in a propergator in a sheltered south facing corner, close to the house, have germinated (4 of the 6 sown). Of the other 4, in an unheated utility, with a perspex roof on top of the dishwasher only 1 has germinated.  So I think I will be moving them outside this weekend.  I was surprised the outside ones germinated more sucessfully, but would seem that's what they like.   

hollie hock

Great news Lorraine seems like they definately prefer an outside sowing and earlier than I thought.  Do you know what colour they are going to be?



No, sorry can't remember the colour, possibly pink.  With the weather as it was last year I didn't pay much attention to my garden.  It was propergated from a dry root bought in Wilkinsons.  I have another in a pot which is doing well and I think I will split it - spread the love!  Was so pleased the seeds germinated just hope they continue to thrive.


hollie hock

They are lovely plants, one of mine was a root from Wilkinsons. The cuttings I've taken are doing well. 

Morning everyone...update....after weeding my borders I have found 2 tiny tiny lupin leaves have appeared through the soil so I am hopefull that at least 2 of my original plants may survive. I have also planted 25 seeds a couple if weeks back in the greenhouse and they are all up and doing great so fingers crossed this year lupins will once again appear in my garden.....the vibrant colours of lupins are just to hard to resist have a fab weekend everyone

Pleased to hear your lupins made it Yvonne - I find it quite disheartening when plant fail to thrive or return after winter  


Couldn't agree more lorraine. They were beautiful last year and the year before...must have been about 20 plants all together, lost them all bar 2 to the long wet winter we have had, sole destroying! . But must move on. A few weeks back I planted a new packet of lupin seeds and today I have just re potted them, all 25 of them....each seed has taken so once again lupins will be in my garden (fingers crossed)

I have just been out to the garden as its a nice day and none of my lupins are showing yet in either the pots or in the ground.I cut them down to ground level at the end of last season but have found the little branches left are dried out and if you touch them they come away in your hand . This would be their second year--- have I lost them?


My old lupins are showing lots of leaves and the beginnings of flower buds. I think it sounds like you have lost them. If you sow seeds now, they may flower late in the season.


I have had some success with lupins on clay soil. They are looking very healthy at the moment.  Managed to propagate some but my tip is to deadhead when half the flower spike is over.   Then you will get more flowers later in the season though they will be smaller.

 My disclaimer is that this has happened in a cold country.

John Harding

I grew lupins from seed last year and they were quite successful. This is their second year and they are growing very well. OK, it hasn't been very cold this past winter though the rain was as bad as its been everywhere else, save that we are quite high up in East Bristol so we didn't get floods. Have added a pic of our lupins as they were at 7.30 this evening. They haven't suffered and slug or snail damage as yet so are looking pretty healthy: having said that though I shall now need to make up some garlic water to deter them



lizzy tree

Hello I find it all depends on where you live in the country there is as much as a two week difference between North and south.

I live mid country mine are growing well I don't have snail or slug problem since I made some suitable hedgehog nesting sites I daren't look to see if they are being used but I have seen one a couple of times in my boarders 


I'm in the north east and my lupins which i grew from seed 2 years ago, are massive already. One thing i don't do is cut them back over winter. Some wise old bloke once told me not to cut the dead foliage off lupins as the hollow stems let the cold down into the roots of you do. So now i just leave them all winter then tidy them up in the spring if need be. Seems to work so far.


hollie hock

John your Lupins are looking really healthy You should get a lovely show off them this year. 

I've found that it's when the plants are really small the slug and snails do the most damage. I dug up mine last year when I moved and replanted them, they are all doing really well. Lots of green growth no signs of flowers yet and no signs of slug damage.

I have grown them in the past from seed but take cuttings now

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