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 I love this is now in its fourth year - and I am wondering what to do next Spring to ensure it is just as good in 2015. Do you think it will need splitting? Is it too big (approx. 1m 70 at the moment) or can I leave it be for a while?

Hello berkely 

I would  divide it next spring.  All miscanthus get large quickly amd therefore more difficult to split.

Divide Imto 2 ....spade down centre.....and you,will have 2 grassss of that size by next summer 

Wow Verdun! Thank you! (I was hoping you were looking.....). I shall do as you suggest.... do you think both portions should flower in the late Summer of 2015? I'd hate to be without them...

star gaze lily

Thats the one I want to get, but having trouble finding one at a gc at the mo.

Yes Berkely .....double the value 


Thanks, Verdun. Don't know where you live, star gaze lily, but we are lucky enough to live close to Knoll Gardens in Dorset. All my grasses come from there - including this one. They have an excellent website and catalogue.
Victoria Sponge

That's where I got my grasses from a few months ago Berkley, so it's good to see yours looks magnificent after 4 years Hopefully mine will, different kinds though.

star gaze lily

Live in sussex, Berkley. Will look on the web site. Thank you 

Stephen 7

That is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonder you dont want to disturb it!....WELL DONE!!!

star gaze lily

Here you are panda I've bumped it up fot you.

Hope mine gets that big!!!!

Near me is a large area of miscamthus ....guessing it is Flamingo.....where I offen take my dog.  Walking amongst it is weirdly eerie.  Whispering grass is lovely.  Meant to take a photo ....may do tomorrow. 

I  grow grasses as individual.....albeit large .... specimens but Im tempted to make a small group of them next year.   Trouble is what makes way for them?  I have a few clumps of cannas clump is large, prob about 7'  across......and mixed with miscanthus should look pretty good. 

Beaus Mum

Everything you do looks more than pretty good Verdun 

Star gaze I'll dig mine up in spring and you can have it if you like if you have room x

Why thank you kindly Beaus Mum 

star gaze lily

Wow Beaus mum.

Berkley, did you make the seating area in the corner, looks lovely.

Thanks, star gaze lily. Yes, my OH put the roof over the trellises two years ago. It was previously quite dangerous to sit there on the bench under the trees......pigeons...need I say more? The only problem now is that the birds love to shred the roofing for their nests. So another trip to Argos to buy another roll is imminent.


star gaze lily

Have you fixed something accross the trellis  then lay the 'roof' on top or did you just lay the 'roof' accross?  Could you take a pic of seating area please. Have been thinking of having a pergola but thats a great idea. 


Thanks for the bump up Lily  That does look magnificent  I might have to go for something like that too. Can see why you wanted one 

star gaze lily

Thats  ok Panda.  

Its huge isn't.....but then the hosta is lovely and big too.

 A picture of "the corner" for star gaze lily. As I said, it's not looking its best and we've just ordered a 4m roll of brushwood thatch from to replace the roofing. Yes, it is resting on a light framework - a few strategically placed pieces. The thatch is wired to it in a few places to hold it secure. Hope this helps.

star gaze lily

Thank you, looks lovely. A nice cosy corner.......with a G&T 

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