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Fair comment, you did indeed, I'm just being a wuss.


C London pride?...I don't think so the leaves are wrong. 


Any chance of a picture of the leaves Blackest? Not sure if the ones I'm looking at are attached or not. If London pride should be a rosette of succulent looking leaves at the base.


Don't think D is Ageratum. The leaves look more like that of a Scabious. Any chance of a better picture of T? Not exactly sure which plant I am meant to be looking at. 



R....greater knapweed. Did you buy a mix of wild flowers by any chance 


C looks like some sort of Gypsophila.


i bought a box of reds , blues and scented and kinda sowed way more than makes sense supposed each box was to do 50 square metres.  To be fair the boxes were a little vague not even listing all the types of seed in the boxes.


Not the sharpest secateurs in the gardener's apron but can't figure out this thread and how it is laid out!  Why is blackest apparently conjecturing in his own quiz?  Why list someone's answers number wise if some of them may be wrong?  Great idea otherwise!

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