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Hi we have what looks like a plum tree with yellow fruits, can anyone confirma what it is?

 and also in a wild patch att he end of the garden we had this growing in the grass....

sorry to be such a pain, one day when I know a bit more i will try to be of assistance!!


top one looks like bullace or wild plum, get it befiore the wasps do

nutcutlet wrote (see)

top one looks like bullace or wild plum, get it befiore the wasps do"


Too Late!!!!  but thank you!


You lucky thing - you've got a bullace tree .... deep envy!!!


so have I Dove, the wasps won here this year.


the wasps are all over mine and the apple tree next door to it!!


Reed, google 'Common centaury' and see what you think for the little pink flower

nutcutlet yet again you are correct. pat on the back and a big thank you from me


Had to think about that one Reed, never seen it in growth, only in books. What sort of soil have you got? Maybe I could grow that, it's quite pretty.

well i only moved a couple of months ago to a new house in Suffolk. the site is about an acre and we had to install a new perforated pipe to our sceptic tank the other week. a 1 tonne digger couldnt get through the heavy clay so we had to get a big boy in to dig the trench. the centaury is growing at the end of the garden next to a farmers wheat field. i havent done any digging up that end but im surprised to see it likes sandy/chalky soil!!


interestin how plants find places they like and disobey all the rules

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