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Poppy and salvia??

Yes. palaver somniferum and salvia, probably " hot lips"

Thanks you have been a great help.  It's a new home and garden and I'm a new gardener but thanks to you all I'm getting to grips with itl !

Yes, I agree. Papavera Somniferum and Salvia Hot Lips. Anyone know how hardy is the salvia?



I take cuttings from these salvias in early autumn. Most winters all the S. microphylla varieties are fine here but at the end of last winter there weren't many left in my garden.

Thanks, that is helpful as this will be their 1st winter. I have just taken some cuttings.


Also, I was told by Jane Buist (think I've got her name right, a salvia specialist) don't cut then back too soon in spring


I have quite a few of these in my garden, Salvias being one of my favourite plants, and they're very hard to kill. In the wild they're mountain plants so our winters generally won't harm them (hardy to about -17C from memory) but they're not so keen on the wet weather so have them in a sheltered patch.

In late spring they will look way past their best, full of twiggy parts and not very pretty. Cut them right back to the base, where you'll probably see signs of new shoots coming through anyway, and they'll grow away like new. Don't be too precious about cutting it right to the base as I've never lost a single one, even though they do look past it.


As you probably know, the opium poppy (papver somniferum) is an annual, but will probably self seed round the place. I've got seedlings coming up in the garden now from the ones which flowered earlier this year; if they survive the winter they'll be very healthy plants for next year. You can also save the seed, either for sowing or for use in cooking.


Regarding the Salvia - I see tyou are in the S, West so the plants may be fine, but here in Yorkshire they rarely survive the winter so I take cuttings.  If you like Salvias, Newby Hall, Ripon have a tremendous collection which may be on their website, I know they always take cutings there 


Are you sure they rarely survive? I often garden in Yorkshire too as I have elderly family there who can't do it themselves, they do look dead in Spring but just need a good hard cutting back. I am specifically talking about the Salvia in the photo and a few closely related varieties.

Thanks for the tip-off about Ripon, I'd love to visit.

I have a salvia called lipstick I am goung to take cuttings to be on the safe side If it is the first year


Hi Leggi - perhaps I am speaking from the Dales perspective, I have a high garden and although S. facing is in a valley with a strong west wind and frosts, so maybe in other areas of Yorks lower down, plants will be able to survive better

Newby is lovely, but they shut through the winter, this is a photo of their Peace Garden in June - unfortunately not a bright day for the photo

 This photo looks a bit elongated on here but hope you get the idea !

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