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 The only real damage was to the soft leaves of some Nicotiana affinis, that was from the hail that came with the thunderstorm in the early hours. The snow was a couple of hours later.

Nicotiana back in greenhouse for a bit of TLC.


Did someone mention spring


Are we really in May or have we just jumped to October. Your poor little plants nut, hope they are ok. The wind is just bitter today and I am on the south coast.


I think most of them will be OK donutmrs. There's lots of aquilegias there and they've been outside for sometime. Tomorrow we have a wet and windy forecast, Not sure what month it is. Can't be nearly June can it.



Mine had a battering last week nut and all survived so hopefully yours will too  -although it's not helping them get growth on.

It's more like February isn't it. They had to have snow ploughs out in north of Scotland today. Help!

hollie hock

And snow ploughs.........mixed bag here, still on the chilly side but a bit of sun here and there


I just keep sayin to myself, they'll all catch up eventually. Perhaps autumn will be equally late.


We haveto stay hopeful or we'd just sit around and cry. OH says after Saturday it's warming up, I think he said that sometime last month as well

hollie hock

Think Saturday is our day of sun


We just got Sunday afternoon. Rubbish innit? Still onwards and upwards 


I keep looking at the five-day forecast hoping to see an upward trend

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