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anthony mcglen

mystery plant that just appeared in a large tube i take it a bird dropped the seed at some time very pretty plant


 the second pic was to let you see more of the leaves  sorry the second pic the plant had just been moved

Jim Macd

Pasque flower. Pulsatilla vulgaris. It's a really beautiful native, they don't like being moved and prefer a south facing dry slope.

anthony mcglen

thankyou Jim i will google it like i said it  just turned up this spring lol

Jim Macd

Oh, you're lucky, I had to buy mine.

Definitely not Pasque Flower, which is hairy all over. This is an anemone, possibly Anemone  coronaria De Caen.



Looks like anemone to me

anthony mcglen

hi again all,thankyou for all your replys. it dose look like a Anemone  coronaria De Caen. but when i was weeding the pot i took some of the plant and put it into another pot to give itsome colour and it did not have a bulb just a mass of roots


They're not bulbs.They're quite small,dark coloured corms


easy for you to say!

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