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Hello all

I picked this little plant up from a local DIY shop this weekend from the bargain corner, It didn't have a name or care label on it, could anyone help to shed a little light on what it might be and what I should be doing with it?



It is a variety of hibiscus but that one is not a hardy one-you will need to lift it in the Autumn and bring indoors

Emma Crawforth

Hello debanslow,

What a pretty thing! It's a hibiscus, and from the colour of the flower I would say it's not hardy. Hopefully it will be OK in your flower bed over summer, but if you want to keep it alive when autumn comes you'll need to plant it in a pot and bring it indoors. After that, keep it warm, give it plenty of water and feed it. If the weather looks like it might be cold at night time, you could put some fleece over it to keep it warm.

Good luck,

Emma team



I think you should pot this hisbiscus up and treat it as a houseplant.

I just love the bargain corners in Garden Centres.     Sometimes things look almost dead but a little TLC (namely water) and they can spring back to life and delight you.

I bought a sickly Dracaena for 10p from Morrisons about 15 years ago. Still here, 6 foot tall, and most of the family have plants from the cuttings


I love bargain corner, bit of a bargain addict I think, will find a nice pot and put it in the conservatory. Off to find a replacement for the garden spot today, hooray

Just wanted to say thanks for the tips, he is nowing sitting happily in the conservatory with 7 new buds waiting to flower

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