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Hi, Im new to this forum and need help please

We moved into this house 3 years ago and have done a lot to the garden and every now and again we find a plant that wasn't there the year before!

Can anyone tell me please what this one is? The plant is about 4 foot high and growing in sun (although I think there is one further down the garden in semi shade)

The flowers are tiny, especially compared to plant and leaf size. I have no idea!




I asked this question for  a very similar flower last week and was told figwort, but the second picture has different leaves, more similar to a salvia. Hopefully the person who helped me will pop in later.


Thank you Kate, do you have a link to your question please?


Thank you Dovefromabove, certainly looks like it!



Mine has insinuated itself between the echinaceas, and as it matches the colour scheme there, it will be allowed to stay

Pennine Petal
I have a plant which looks similar, but has multiple stems, I wonder if it's the same. I bought it in a garden centre, but have lost the label. I'll post a photo tomorrow.

I shouldn't think the usual garden centres are intentionally selling figwort, unless labelled as a wild plant/herb.

Pennine Petal

Silverfairy, this is what mine looks like now, planted it last year .....



That's quite a magnificent specimen you have there Penninepetal!! Mine has multiple stems too, but not quite on a par with yours

Pennine Petal
It is and I like the look of it, but it's too big for the small bed, I think I'll relocate it to the wild area at the top of the garden.

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