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25/05/2013 at 23:07

We have a pergola that stands in between two walls so there is absolutely no sun there- I would like to plant a climber to cover it that can

a) live in a pot ( no soil there)

b) can handle full shade

c) is evergreen

d) ideally with fragrant flowers

i had sausage vine in mind but read it on,y produces flowers when it gets some sun. Te other option I can think of is climbing hydrangea. I don't like ivy particularly as for me they always look like weeds. Does anyone maybe have some other recommendations? Thank you!

25/05/2013 at 23:13

Hi, MF. Here's a link that might help.


25/05/2013 at 23:57

"Sausage vine?"

"Holboellia coriacea 'Cathedral Gem'. ... It blooms in late winter to early spring they say and requires part shade and consistent moisture in rich, but well draining soil. The straight species can grow up to 20 to 20 feet when mature."

Further poking around says: partial shade, full sun

Light needs: Full to partial shade Water Needs: Water regularly; requires consistently moist soil.

Hrm. They think it'll like your shady pergola. Credit to the second site for calling it "climber, twining" not just "climber" 

Is the top of your pergola sunlit? Some plants grow well and flower if they're well-lit and some where they're well-lit.

Poking the website for scented, shade-friendly climbers gives a list of roses, clematis, honeysuckle and akebia:

Adding "Evergreen" gives three Clematis:

(Akebia's "semi-evergreen")

Adding "easy to grow" gives just one Clematis:

My experience: clematis all die, "climbing" roses are bushes that smell gorgeous when in flower (for up to 2 days), honeysuckle will only go green on the sunny side and akebia will look terribly drab and weak until it climbs into sunlight, if it can do that, then start to look a lot healthier and happier.

Purple Akebia from BlueBell

White Akebia from BlueBell


26/05/2013 at 09:29

I have Lonicera 'Graham Thomas' in complete shade. It wasn't in shade when I put it there but you know how things grow, in this case a purple hazel. It still flowers. 

26/05/2013 at 18:40

@nutcutlet but isnt that more dappled shade? 

26/05/2013 at 20:33

Barely MF. The hazel is about 12 foot tall and has been expanding for years, To the south are a couple of ashes. It's not in the best place. Not evergreen either. 

28/05/2013 at 05:03

If you can find an evergreen climber that smells gorgeous, and grows in the dark out of a pot of dried-out dust you'll be as rich as Croesus. I would think your best bet might be ivy (not the 'weedy' one tho! - google hedera 'clotted cream' or 'buttercup' and see what I mean) with one of the smaller, more shade-tolerant honeysuckles thru it. Neither should mind life in a pot (so long as its decent sized - square ones are good) and the honeysuckle will be somewhat restrained by the ivy. If it flowers, you'll get your scent, if it doesn't, whip it out and you've still got the pretty ivy established in the meantime while you think about what to try next.

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