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A friend of mine has found a variegated pink centranthus in his garden. Neither of us can find a variegated variety in our gardening books or online so were wondering if it could be a totally new variety.

Does anyone know how we can verify if it is a new variety?


I think the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) would be a good place to start.


The other place to talk to is Bressingham Plants.  Used to have the contact details, will try and find them, but don;t hold yer breff, it was a long time ago.

Gary Hobson

Thompson and Morgan are always searching for new strains of popular plants.

New strains do spontaneously crop up in people's gardens. A very small number of them will turn out to be new and of commercial interest, and T&M will pay good money for some seeds.

"£500 Reward when you find or create a new plant".

More details are here:

They would probably be able to tell you whether a strain of centranthus is new, and, more importantly, whether they'd like to have some.


Thanks Berghill and Gary, I'll definately look into both suggestions.



Searched everywhere, but I cannot find the contact details. Very sorry.


Thank you Dovefromabove.


Beat me to it. Thanks Dfa.

Hey, just about to suggest bressinghams.blooms. Sounds interesting plant. I love variegated plants so good luck gardenreg

Thanks everyone. I'll keep you all informed.

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