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Hi loganberry. As others have said, damp and shady is not a problem, you can grow many beautiful plants already mentioned, many of which are nicer than plants for full sun on a drier soil.

I think many new gardeners regard shade, damp or dry as a difficult problem, but with a bit of research the possibilties are endless and beautiful.

Front garden... I missed an acer, there are 5 not 4!
I plan to make a new border along the fence side, might even do it right round?


cant see the pics . but the oil tank you could box it off or two sides  with trellis and put climbers on


AGHGHGHGH why wont they work? i cant access my dropbox from work pc so had to copy and paste the links via my phone... can anyone help?

Back garden, the damp border is along the back fence, currently filled with empty pots and no plants, and the tiny gap for 'something' is against the newer fence at the side.
Tiny something gap
Pointless damp border pic
Ugly oil tank that desperately needs camouflaged!

Mysterious unkillable plant, anyone know what it is?   Front garden... I missed an acer, there are 5 not 4!
I plan to make a new border along the fence side, might even do it right round?  

ok, hopefully those links work. i dont think theres a way i can imbed them via my phone & ridiculously secure work pc.... i cant access dropbox from it so cant check that the links work ok, can anyone let me know?


PHEW! that was hard work so early in the morning! sorry about the dog poop features, didnt have time to tidy up pre pics!

yep! I  work for an international bank so our internet security is ridiculous. cant even access the BBC now, so not sure how GW has been able to sneak in there! not complaining tho!

otnorot but just call me Bill

Loganberry hut when your posting see the row of things above?Put your cursor on the second one on the right and click to post pictures.Just found this myself two weeks ago.


yeah saw that, but the issue is that the pics are on my phone, i dont have a pc at home right now, and my work pc doesnt have  / cant have my pics on it. when posting from my phone the icons arent there

those links should be clickable and take you to the pics though. i hope!


I can see all the photos on the links, but back garden is very dark, probably a bit too early in the day.

Now that I've seen the very small gap I don't think it would be wise to fill it as it may cause the fence to rot. Better to put troughs there instead with violas then bedding plants.

I think the mysterious plant could be a euonymus, there are several varieties, some just green, some with gold, some with silver. Good, easy evergreen, nice in with Christmas wreaths and decoration greenery.

ill take a few more in the morning. i work mon & tues so limited to the hours of darkness... managed the few front garden pics when i was leaving the house!


is there anything climbing that doesnt mind being restricted to a container? thinking about that to conceal the oil tank along with some trellis.

what would you do with the front garden? ideally i want lots of colour, and where possible, not to have to replant it every year.

mysterious plant has been in that pot for many years now, and grows fast. should i think about planting it out, or is it ok to live in a pot forever? im guessing im going to need to upsize if so?



For container - Clematis, but most lose their leaves in winter. 

I have a star jasmine in a big pot, trachelospermum jasminoides. I also have some climbing roses in big pots.


I have a hardy Chilean potato vine growing in a pot and it hasn't lost any leaves so far this winter.  It's a pretty rapid grower and unfussy.  I think it's Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin'.

Mystery plant looks like Elaeagnus x ebbingei to me. 


Allium, it could well be eleagnus, probably is. Dark photo and euonymus is similar.

Ok, some pics of the back garden. I figured out why the back bed is so damp. Whatever idiot built the decking built it so that it drains into the bed and not the path at other end!

Skinny border against fence... What to plant there, if anything. The soil is about 6-8'' deep, with gravel below that.

Damp border.

Other side of back garden

View from my kitchen window.

It's a little garden, but I'm sure it has loads of potential, so give me all your ideas and wisdom!