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I have a pot of night scented stock outside which smells heavenly of an evening, my question is can you cut it and bring indoors and would the smell remain at nightime ?

hollie hock

Hello, I grow these as I love the smell. I've not used them as a cut flower, as I like them in the garden to enjoy in the evening.

Did have a look at the info from a seed stockist that I use and they said-

"Cut flowers will last 8-10 days in water. Cut when flowers are half open;recut stems under water."


hollie hock

Cut some of them this evening to bring indoors for the first time and the smell is amazing. They do work as cut flowers. Looking forward to cutting the sweet rocket next year that I have been growing

It's really good to know you can cut these wonderful flowers. I've grown them for years but never thought of cutting them. I'll be snipping this evening.

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