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The potty gardener

I'm very new to gardening- have always just bought stuff at garden centres before.

This year I have tried some mini plugs and even tried some seeds. I have pinched out the tips of sweet peas and geraniums but wonder if I should do the same to begonias?

Any help greatfully received


rosie plum

it depends on how the plant is growing, if it looks bushy enough then dont bother but always be careful to allow the plant to reach a decent size before you nip out the growing tip, and try to pot on the growing tips of the geraniums as these root readily if in free draining compost

Alina W

Many modern seeds don't need pinching out as they've been bred to be bushy. Begonias are usually OK left alone.

Potted out new seedlings do I pinch out original leaves or leave.Not sure!

Any information most welcome.(They are Wallflowers)


Anne, I always pinch out wallflowers.  

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