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Moved into this house last Autumn, and was pleased to see a healthy large clump of Lamb's ears growing under the apple tree.  Its looking great, leaves lovely and growing happily, but it hasn't flowered.  Had it in previous gardens and always flowered - is there a 'type' that doesn't?  Feeling disappointed (as are the bees!).


I wonder if it's in too much shade under a tree, or if it's been fed with the apple and making lots of lovely leaves at the expense of flowers

Thanks - maybe I will move a piece elsewhere and see what it does.  Its taking up quite a lot of space if it wont flower.  Have been spying other peoples for weeks, flowering away, and mine - nothing!  Leaves so soft though! xx



Lovely plant. I love it even though it always flops for me

Chrissy the gardener

I think there is a type of lambs ears that doesn't flower a lot, some people prefer this type as they they take the flowers off anyway. I find if you take the flowers off the plant stays a nicer shape.


It is a nice shape - compact and not leggy or floppy.  Just miss the flowers



I think chrissie is right that there's one that doesn't flower much. Try it in the sun and if it doesn't flower then you may have to get another variety

Thanks guys - your advise is much appreciated! xxxx



I think the shade might be the issue, try moving to a sunnier spot when time is right.

If that doesn't help try moving g the plant????

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