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I am too full to think of food and my thoughts are wandering outdoors.  Has anyone got bulbs showing?  I can see tiny snowdrop tips and daffs and the leaves of crocus but is it too late to plant up the daffs and the tulips that i didn't get time and space for but are still in our garage?

Pennine Petal
I'd say still worth planting, get 'em in!

Well if you don't- you may as well bin them

They will still flower-just later-and with luck should flower again at the right time next year with a bit of feeding once finished-though tulips are aways a bit iffy for coming back again

I can see tips of many bulbs


job for 2moz then thanx

Jean Genie

Snowdrops are up . Russian snowflakes are up but can't remember what they are called - Pusc- something or other . Also Dutch Iris. The star of the show is my jasmine but it's a houseplant. It started flowering Christmas Day and the smell is just divine.

Nature's own air-freshner .


flowering rose

I have daffodils coming up despite being drowned,there are signs that spring is not far away ,one hopes.I have spot blossom on cherry type trees,must be Japanese.I have the yellow wintering jasmine out in the garden and its doing very well this year and also I still have some cyclamens and roses out in bloom.


The yellow winter Jasmine makes a fab cut flower; bring it indoors - stick it in some water and all the buds open wonderfully over the next couple of days.


Now that's something I've never thought to do. Thxs artjak.

Was pleased to see lots of signs of bulbs showing in various borders when nipped out to feed the birds today & even the start of new buds on the rose I transplanted in November. J.

Blue bells are starting to show in my front garden, it's some what sheltered though and they grow by a wall.  


In summer here in France plants and roses are nearly a month in advance but at this time of year there is nothing showing. Cyclamen well over, no sign of a bulb. They know that winter here can be very cold, but come March they will be growing like mad.


wow some great signs for the spring I also have buds on roses looking good and camellia i can't wait to see(all the buds sropped off this year)


Winter flowering pansies in pots; loads of rose buds (which I doubt will open - the cold or the rain will total them.) It is v. damp outside, but I can see so many things that need doing, it really is the ugliest time of the year for the garden unless there is some frost to give it some sparkle.


pooh just filled thius box with my activities today and would't submit


that sent!

right bulbs in 2 and 1/2 hrs in front garden with OH  and daffs and tulips planted at last.  he has been awarded honorary assistant title and got mince pies and yoghurt to celebrate loads of signs of regrowth not just weeds clematis ,honeysuckle ,achillea ,sedum ,roses wow my fave time of year even though miserable too


budlia63, I might like this time of year more if I could actually get out there between bouts of drizzle to do something.



soz artjak was meaning miserable weather lol


I only have a few bulbs - they are planned for next autumn, some tete a tete planned last year are not visible but a tray of allium is sproutig well.

Am going to try oniion seeds - I was given a free packet - so will need to do that soon and have a couple of flower seeds to plant in January. i will wait till january,

Somewhere I have read that parsley seed quite like frosting, any one else seen this?

Planted 14 roses during course of  year, some early spring, some in last few weeks, wish i could get around to see how they are doing.



i've just noticed that the alysum didn't die back with the frost

and am inpressed with 14 roses Bjay you must have loads of space are they floribundas?


Mixed roses - ramblers, climbers, Hybrid Tea, David Austin - whatever suits my 'plan'.

There were no plants in garden so it's largish well large to me, this will be its 3rd year and I set targets - so far next year is:

an extra raised bed the only way i can grow veg in this garden

Widen jewell border

Finish fairy garden - if it ever dries out!!

Plant up family border (ie plants with names that reflect my family) thing is not all the family will grow in that position, Shady, Daughters partner has had to go in fairy garden becuse he's a rose!

Plant bulbs

Sort out front it's 

Bit like New year resolution i guess but Targets, ticked off as achieved





please take some pics so we can see your progress it sounds wonderful  green with envy not too much food! this time!!