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I've got some geraniums which have been in full leaf for some time (most of the - ahem - summer) but no flowers have come or buds. I seem to remember they did flower last year. Two other varieties (one that was already in the garden, and a new one) have both flowered. I don't know what sort it is as it was something we managed to save in this garden when we bought the house.

Just wondered if anyone else had had this problem this year, in case it was something to do with the weather. The leaves all look perfect so not like something eating it, or mouldy or anything. Quite baffled.



A bit late for this year but try giving them a high potassium feed next year to encourage flowering.  Rose or clematis fertiliser will do or tomato.


Is it in full sun?


Oh, right, thanks, I will try that.

They are next to another one that's been fine. It's in sun for part of the day but gradually loses it so is in shade for some too. If that makes sense

Some geraniums need shade others sun, they really are so variable. If you can, check their names then look into what their needs are. Geranium phaem Margaret Wilson needs shade and I grow it for its creamy grey foliage rather than its pale purple flowers. When you know the type of geranium you can plant it where it needs to be.


Thanks. I really don't know what type it is though as it was here when we got here. The foliage is quite large but a normal darkish green. Seem to think it was a purple flower last year, and was in the same spot.


Pelargonium or geranium? Photo may help.

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