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Any advice welcome, i've just bought an iceberg climber for front of our house, want to put it to left of bay window to climb up round door, dug (well,got my brother to dig, i am 5 months pregnant!) a hole but it hit stone which looks like part of window, hole is a good foot or more away from wall, if i build up soil level aere by a few inches will it be ok here?


Ideally a climber should be about 18ins away from house and planted to lean towards the wall. Does this give you a bit more room?

Building up soil level is also fine but you must also be able to plant the rose so the graft (knobbly bit) is about an inch below the surface

Thanks, it's maybe 14 16 ins away, i will bury graft,thanks matty2


Re building up the soil, don't forget to stay well below the DPC

am v thick...dpc?? only want to build up soil round rose, won't be by house


thanks sara though it dawned on me after i posted! i'll keep say, 10 ins from wall, would that be ok?

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