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Was there supposed to be a message with this, or are you just proudly showing off your Lenten Rose? 


Some of mine are like this and some have been in full flower for weeks.  They all need to have the old foliage removed asap as it shows off the flowers and lets the new foliage come through with a reduced likelihood of getting damaged or diseased by the old.

The weather has been awful and just got rid of snow so will go out now and remove leaves as its a nice night now obelixx.

Goldilock I was sure I posted amessage





Just been out and taken off leaves but its turned so so cold.



Although they sulk a bit after being divided, the best time to do it is just after flowering. I have a lot of self sown Lenten Roses - all purple - but I also have a couple of Ashford Hybrids that have just  gone over and I divided them yesterday. Here's hoping they get over it. 

I have a nice lemon one that has been in flower since mid Feb and still in bloomGL.

I bought one from b&q and loooooove it!!!! Can you take cuttings at all or just wait for it to seed. Only planted it about a week ago!
Hiya red dahlia,
Don't take hellebore cuttings. You will have seedlings, prob next year, pot these up.
Don't cut off leaves...unless diseased.....these feed your plant this summer
Remove flowered stems right to the base.....they are easy to distinguish from other stems
Don't dig up your hellebore or split for few years.....they don't like to be is disturbed
After flowering feed, water if dry and mulch
Once again a veritable feast of facts. Thanks!!!

There you go again Verdun......behave, RD is a breath of fresh air, soooo keen and enthusiastic.

Can't help,it jatnikapyar....I is jealous of red dahlia's enthusiasm!!
It's infectious though, isn't it?
Why thankyou, I think I'm blushing! Although I accompanied my sister in a horsey blast around the village tracks rather than gardening today! Although returned home to one if my courgettes being up and 2 sugarsnap peas. So they took 7 days!

Not that I was counting!

It's raining here so just hoop my little carrots under fleece will be ok. Although not germinated yet!
And you got your carrots planted Red dahlia?
Usually mine would have been sown by now.....I'm determined to catch and pass red dahlia.......ha ha


Carrots are in a big dog bath that I prepped with used compost, new compost and sharp sand then fleeced over.

Only seeds not up now are the sweet peas. Only thing left to sue is my beans but may weekend is my date and I'm sticking to what my grandad always told me !

My lettuce are in a pop bottle and are now about an inch tall!!! Yay!!! Just neeeeeeeed to get my plastic greenhouse up now!!!

Oh and my perennial seed is not up but only set about 4 days ago!!

RD-you 're putting us all to shame! It's always amazing how quickly those tiny seeds grow. My lettuce are about the same height as yours and sweet peas  and tomatoes look like proper little plants now. I don't want mine to come on too quick as I've nowhere for them to go yet and  I also need one of those plastic greenhouse or something to harden them off.

Get down to pound stretcher a 4ft x5ft ish greenhouse is reduced to about 24!! Mine was up last year and going to hopefully put up this!! My tomatos will go on when everything else is starting to come out. That's my master plan albeit not up so its all in my head.

I want my sweet peas to show, it's annoying me now! Nothing at all, not even slight cracks in the compost! I'm worrying I'm going to have a naked arch when my OH went to so much trouble to put it up on his own!!

I don't have a massive garden so its east to potter in my nursery of an evening and morning before work!!! Nursery -aka conservatory!!
Just to share.... Been out in my pj's and took some pictures of my hellebores. One from b&q (pink one), and a Niger I think from a lovely lady in the next village that sells her plants. Was a free gift!!

If a PC person could pls help to download and attach!!! I'm an iPhone user!!!

 there you go red