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Has anyone heard of a plant called Oriental Limelight before?

It looks like the Marijuana plant in a funny sort of way.


Yes thats the one. I bought mine about 5 years ago and every year the frost gets it - only  to return the following year- even bigger. I have not seen it since in any garden centre around my way. Its very pretty although also an irratant im told.


Yes, it is sold as a basket plant, please don't plant it in your garden, or let it escape from any basket or container in which you might use it - it is one of the most pernicious weeds I know, virtually indestructable - still digging it out after a small peice dropped from a basket unseen, 8 years ago!!



Oh are you sure? Its been in the ground for 4 years and is still about 1ft wide to 3ft high. It hasnt spread anywhere.

Oh im worried now.


I know of artemisia limelight. Lovely yellow foliage but don't plant it in the garden. It's a rampant thug. It will infiltrate nearby plants v quickly spreading roots and popping up everywhere. Similar to houttynia chameleon; will take over
plant pot mad

i have one in my garden it does spread a bit but the winter cuts hit back. and i just pull out what don't want. i don't let it go to quite happy with it.nice foliage.

Yep it looks lovely

Thank you. As of yet its been on best behaviour but i decided yesterdayafternoon to take it out incase it got over excited in the future. My friend is due to give me a cutting of a Lilac tree so thats what i will put in its place. And to be honest the fact it was toxic did make me avoid it at the best of times.

Rest in peace Mrs Limelight.


You sound a lovely person cia

Why thank you Chris - i hope your not after free cuttings from my gardens.

Ecky thump, CIA, you have rumbled me

Christopher i can send you some Oriental limelight if you fancy

ER, let me think thanks. Ha ha


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