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And gardens would be very boring 

The potty gardener

Lovely Pansies Artjack.

Wow love the Bowl of Beauty.

To be honest Fairygirl I don't really like  Petunia. Love how they look but always go sticky. I got three as part of a plant selection and really wanted the other plants.

Isn't it great we all like different things. Isn't it nice trying new things. Seeing other peoples pics on here gives so many ideas as well.


Have also peone 'Buckeye belle' and a new one called 'Coral Charm'

And fruit - delicious fruit from the Plum 'Pershore Purple'

The potty gardener

Prehaps someone somewhere would like to name a plant, a fuchsia, rose, pansy anything really-don't you think ......... Pounsett-Krynauw sounds good.


Except I'm not sure how to pronounce it!

I love petunias they are so easy and colourful and they don't mind the heat and drought in a SW France summer. If we have one this year. Pouring.



I think that's why I'm not keen on them BL. We have too much wind and rain here so they just get hammered and don't look good. I love the dark colours (or white of course)and I did do some large pots of deep purple ones for a selling a house but they had to be constantly picked over as they got too wet.

And that was in a good summer!

hollie hock

Primoses...........have been lovely and still going


The thing I don't like about petunias is that they are sticky, so I find dead-heading them a bit repellent


 Thought it was just me and sticky petunias! What makes them do it (go sticky?)


Just remembered pushkinas 


I don't dead head petunias, I know you should but I have too many, they last 'til the frosts anyway.


Don't like the stickiness or deadheading petunias either, although the flowers are very pretty. I've swapped them for Million Bells for my baskets.

Fairygirl, this iPad auto correct is so annoying.  Did mean obelisk ....Hoping it doesn't get changed again.  Sometimes, when I try to type quickly, I notice whole sentences altered completely.  I'm always nervous about saying "morning FORKERS" in case FORKERS is changed to something unintended!!



Verdun...I have no idea what you mean...

I am a lady.....I like ladies' things....


..... of course you are, but we promise not to call you Florence... or was that the other one....

apart from Quercus rubur I can't think of any Q's, so if I may go on to R...?


here's a frilly, highly scented pinky, and suitable for ladies... 'Chartreuse de Parme'..






The potty gardener

The only Q I could think of was quince- I know nothing about them.


Quintessentially english rose??

Salino's French....


Oooh, falling behind here. Nasturtiums, Osteospermums, Poppies, Quince as in Chaenomeles japonica esp. the white and the red ones.