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I have a number of pots of oriental lilies.  The flowering stems have all turned brown.  What do I need to do for overwintering? Should I remove the flower stems, should I remove the bulbs from the pots...??


Your profile says your in the Gloucester area. I would let them die back completely (until the stem comes away without hardly any pulling)

They should be fine left in the pots in Winter in a sheltered area.

I live in yorkshire and leave mine out in pots and in the garden and they come back


I'm new to the forum so if my question is on the wrong thread - Sorry.

As a rank amateur I need to ask what I need to know to grow Salvia from seed.

I have one of those miniature plastic covered greenhouses which works very well, and I guess this is the best place for the seeds to go through the winter?



Hi Artful Codger,

I don't mind you asking the question here but you'll probably get a better response if you start a new thread for your specific question.


Thomas Wilkinson2

Last bit of advicer I got about overwintering mine was wait for it to die back and leave it sheltered against a wall or something. First winter for mine so hopefully will go well, they were fantastic this year! 


I've always left mine in a sheltered spot to die right back as Mattbeer says.  In spring, a  little refreshing of the top 2 inches of compost and a feed or two and they'll be lovely.

I also try to leave mine in a sheltered spot outside, still in their pots over the winter every year and have done since I started growing them many years ago.

Most of them make it through to the following year unless we get an awful lot of rain. I would advise raising the pots off the ground if you're not leaving them on soil to help them drain.





I'm still waiting for the old flower stems to come away!  Will it do any harm to leave them right through winter?

Also, one pot has masses of what look like small red bulbs on the surface.  Are these lily bulblets and if so how should it treat them?


Try giving them a pull downwards but not too hard, they should come away. Not too sure about the mini bulbs but I have heard that Lillies push these to the surface, maybe try potting them up?

I guess they would take a few years to mature though

The stems are hanging on tight!  If I pull on them it actually starts to lift the compost.


With the mild winter KT it may even be the new shoots beginning to appear. They can be quite reddish. A pic would help identify them though if you can manage it. It won't do any harm leaving the stalks on.  If you're worried about drainage with all the heavy rain, try moving them nearer a house/shed/garage wall to keep the worst of it off, or giving them shelter from other plants if that's not possible. Getting the pots clear of the ground is good advice. All these things will help prevent saturation.  

Roger  Brook

Don't worry about the dead stems KT they will do no harm. Cut them back with the secateurs if you want.

Surprised  no one had suggested back in Autumn popping them in the ground to   naturalise. 

Baby bulbs are a bonus. When transplanting lilies I am always happy to pop them in around the parent bulbs to bulk up and give future flowers a year to two hence!

Hi, I lifted some lilies', last autumn as they had been pots for 3 yrs. They overwintered quite well. Stored in cool dry, place in house,  Some have rotted significantly. The others were very soft but not rotted when recently planted. Will they survive. Thanks.


Hard to tell petunia blue; I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see if they come up - let us know how it turns out 


Hi guys I'm resurrecting this thread cos my willies are in the ground and one even has a new flower on it   they have lots healthy leaves . Can I leave them in the ground  or do really have to dig them up as I would rather not if it could be helped.  Also if I cut them back and mulch will I get away with it .?


Did you mean lilies primrose? 

I always leave mine in the ground. Best to leave the foliage to die back naturally though to feed the bulb for next year. 

Bit alarmed there for mo primrose.  Mind went into overdrive 

lilies really can be left outside in pots or brought into the gh.  Or bury the pots.  

Whoops  predicted text  

Guess I'll do the same fairygirl (I'm quite fed up with that bed at the moment  it looks a mess whatever I try ) 

I've only two pots Verdun  so might bury them with the others  cos GH space is at a premium  only got 6x8  

Thanks for advise both 

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