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I was led to believe that to overwinter Cosmos Chocamocha you treated them like Dahlia's? I recently potted up last years corm and on inspection today found the corm had rotted. A new corm that I bought this year and potted up at the same time is growing well. Should I have treated it as my Canna Lily and kept it in slightly damp soil in a frost free place over winter? The Canna Lily is now growing strongly.

The Manic Slughunter

I was under the same impression and on inspecting mine today found it had rotted away completely - very disappointed as will have to buy again. I followed the instructions to the letter so don't know why it failed to survive but will have another go at keeping it alive over next winter. Good luck

i had quite a few bareroot dahlias and cosmos which were in the garden, around after first frost i dug up ,when they dried out placed in a box with shavings along with begonia corms, keeps them dry will replant april.

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