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Noticed one of mine, which was just a little offshoot from original, is about 2" above ground.  Only moved it last year, so am well pleased that it has come through the winter.


Buds on mine just beginning to swell now

They must be tough, then, musn't they ? Wonder how mine would do planted in the soil ? It's heavy clay, and poor drainage in parts. Perhaps it's safer leaving it in the pot, as I can shelter it by the wall in winter.


Richard, both of mine are in heavy, wet clay soil and have been for the past 27 years! However, perhaps it's best to leave yours where it's safe.  Would hate to find out you lost them.

Funny you should say 'them', Tina, as I did have another one (white), which was also in a pot, but died last winter. Funny, but there's been many more frosty nights this extended winter, yet this red one has sprung into growth early. How high and wide do they grow ?



Well, mine is 4ft tall and about 3ft wide.  It has huge pink blooms and I love it.  Just sad that the flowers don't last that long.  Other one I move last year as it was right in the middle of a huge patch of day lillies and they just took over.  Poor little poeny didn't stand a chance.  Really thought I had lost it but was so pleased to see it poking up through the ground today.  Going to take some while to get really established.  I mentioned I had had it for 27 years but I forgot to say that it came out of my Dad's garden when he passed away, so I have no idea how old it is.  Probably see me out!

I have tree peonies - yellow ones which have grown from the seed dropped from the pods. I pot them up and give them to friends.

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