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Once they get woody, you cannot cut back into old wood, in my experience. Mine do not overwinter outdoors, they don't like the salty wind but cuttings are OK in the greenhouse. I think Hayloft Plants are selling them and I find them very good.

Hi everyone, I just joined to gain from all you experienced gardeners. A few years ago I bought some wall flowers that were reduced in Homebase. I have never grown them before and thought as they were cheap it wouldnt matter if they didnt survive. They have survived and flourished even though I dont think im doing right by them which is why I'm here to learn from you. When they have stopped flowering which is about now, I cut the stems back to a few inch from the base. The stems are full of narrow pods which I presume are seeds. The leaves stay green all year. Am I doing right by theses lovely plants or could they be even better. Thank you all for reading and any advice.


They sound perfect Eemaan, they are tough as old boots - the perennial variety that you have  Can always give them a sprinkling of fish, blood and bone (cheap in Wilko's) for a boost in Spring.

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I have ordered some from hayloft  just waiting for them to arrive , not the cheapest for plants but so far mine have all been excellent quality

Thanks for your reply Mark56,

so do you think I'm doing right in cutting them back now?  


I have bought 2 Erysimum Fragrant Sunshine and they have been covered in gorgeous sweet smelling flowers for about 2 months now. Does anyone know if these can be propagated from cuttings after flowers will fate or does they set seed? I'm not too familiar with wallflowers apart from the perennial bowles mauves.

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