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Is anyone able to ID the pink plant in this photo ?  I know it is a perennial, I grew it in Kansas, USA and it grew so well, would love to have it in my garden over here, but can't remember what is is called.  Any ideas ?  Thank you. 



It looks like purple loosestrife to me - really good for bees 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

It looks like purple loosestrife to me - really good for bees 

That looks a very nice plant. Ive just googled it and in Canada it seems to be an invasive weed with no predators.....

I assume its ok in the UK?


It makes a nice show in my garden


Lovely plant, UK native, likes it's feet to be damp, good near rivers, streams, ponds etc. or in semi-shade  Not classified as invasive in the UK as far as I'm aware - in fact it's good for pollinating insects so definitely one to have 



Its on my shopping list. I'll maybe put it by my new pond?

Looks like Loosestrife, but wondering if it can be as it was v hot and dry in summer so definitely didn't have roots in damp soil... Sprinklers came on every few days but not sure that would be enough for a marginal plant ?  


It's not a marginal plant, just a damp lover. 

Though I have to admit I'm not totally convinced that it is purple loosestrife. 


If not loosestrife, could it be one of the veronicas eg longifolia or spicata?

I would agree with Purple Loosestrife.

Can you take a photo which shows the flower and leaf up close?

I can confirm that Loostrife can grow/flourish in a dry, south facing garden.  I inadvertendly introduced some into my garden on a plant that was given to me and haven't been able to get rid of the darn things since!  They re-seed everywhere!  However, easy enough to pull up and get rid of!  Good points are that it does look fairly attractive and the insects and bees love it

great thank you.  Friends in the US thought Loosetrife as well.  Strange that I bought it in a lovely garden centre there when it is considered so invasive in many States.  

gardenning granny

There are several varieties of purple loosestrife - the one I have is quite shrubby and is growing underneath an old apple tree, so not too damp in summer.  I think it is tolerant of a variety of conditions, and that day lily growing next to it makes a lovely combination.

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