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I planted this lovely plant from a yoghurt pot plant I got at a local fair about three years ago and it has been very successful, so much so I'd like to plant it in another area of the garden. The picture here is when the blooms are fading (and not helped by the torrential rain), but in full bloom it is a blanket of pink. It blooms in May. I daresay originally it was marked but the tag has long since been lost, can anyone tell me what this is?


Could it be a Silene?


they do look similar I agree, though only some types have similar leaves. I do wish I had taken a picture of it in full bloom, as it is very distinctive and I haven't quite seen anything like it, I doubt I'll describe this well but the flowers are very close together, the petals almost interlocked, no green is visible at all. Thank you for your reply it is great to have a place to start the search

nutcutlet thank you! the blooming I tried to describe is a lot like the Phlox sublata, I think it may well be that one


It is definitely phlox subulata. I have 3.

Thanks everyone, I'm so pleased to finally have it identified


Unless of course it is Phlox douglasii!


i forgot about that one.

How do you tell the difference?


..I would say it's a subulata - subulate = tapering to a point, which the leaves do there... it also looks prickly, typical of the subulata types, like the better known 'Emerald Cushion'... maybe this is one called 'Drummond's Pink'...

Salino you are right it is a little prickly and the name Drummond's Pink does ring a bell, I wonder if that wasn't on the original label. Thanks everyone

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