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Hi everybody, another one of those plant indetification posts again :P

 What is the name of the 4 small trees??? Thanks!!


The four balls on the floor are probably clipped  box.  The lollipops are clipped to that shape and could be almost anything. Difficult to tell from this distance. have you got a closeup photo showing the leaves?

Arghh, unfortunatly I don't. The photo is from and I came accross this house and I just loved the gardens and its design that I want to have some of it in mine! lol plus ive been after a smallish tree for my drive, any thoughts of what it COULD be???


Is it the shape that you want?  Some garden centres will have clipped bay balls that look like this. Very expensive though. Otherwise you buy a small plant and spend years pruning/clipping it to shape.  i don't know of any  trees that grow like that naturally.

Yep, ahh right okay thankyou, I thought I would have to go down that route :/ How old do you think the ones in the photo are?



No Anil. Photo didn't upload

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