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Hi there,

This plant has been growing in the pot alongside the mother in law's tongue and a sprig of lobelia.....I have no idea what it is, the leaves are very delicate as you can see, the flowers are similar to monarda.  I would love to know what it is as would like to grow some in the garden!

Any help to ID would be much appreciated as I have asked around locally with no luck at all!

Thank you


looks like common fumitory to me.


can we have a look at the leaves please Gexylady

Hi again, here is photo of leaves

 Thank you for your help!


Not a lot of help from me, sorry 


Hi Marshmello......I think you have it!  Well done you have solved a mystery to me and my plant loving friends......havent found any other pictures of the whorls yet but it looks to be the answer i have been looking for so thank you x


No probs, your welcome.  

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