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Could you please help me identify this plant. Thanks.


 It does have little pink flowers on it at the end of summer (if that helps).


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Really does look like a variegated ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea variegata). Does it have an unpleasant smell to the leaves, if so, then it definitely is.


Lavender Lady

I think it is nepeta as well, it is pretty in hanging baskets etc.  Sold as an annual in my local nursery but it overwinters perfectly well here in my tubs etc.  I think it is a lovely little plant.


Thank you everyone. Glechoma hederacea variegata - Nepeta seems to be it. Typical, in some places it's considered to be a weed. We just use it in hanging baskets (instead of normal ivy). I didn't know that is was poisonous for horses.


Just to be a bit pedantic, it is not a Nepeta. That is Catmint, this is ground ivy. Same genus though.

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