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Can anyone identify this shrub for me please ?me  



Is it flowering now Jane or is it an old photo?

It's flowering now - I was given it yesterday by my Auntie.  It's in a pot, quite tall, say 2ft and it's got old and leggy.  I'd like to try and give it a new lease of life if I can.


I don't know leguminous shrubs that well but I'll give it some thought, unless someone else identifies it immediately


I think it is a Genista Jane



..that looks like Coronilla glauca, to me... have a look at that one...  it's in flower now...

the leaves on the Genista look a little different, but it's difficult to say without enlarging these images...


I'm thinking Coronilla too.



I stand corrected

Pam LL


Yes Coronilla citrina is a little bit lighter yellow flowers but i had a cutting of another variety from a friend last year that does have flowers like that.  It will do well in the border and flower almost all year round and cuttings are very easy to take.  Does it have a heavenly scent.  In the summer the scent travels many yards.

Thank you - i will have a closer look at it tomorrow.

Thank you all for answering most of my queries about Coronilla I believe there is a verigated form and would you say it would be suitable for putting into a planter.  


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